What do you think about when you hear the word Holland? Tulips, wooden shoes and cheese of course! Cheese is a typical Dutch bite which every tourist (but also every Dutchie) enjoys. When you’re in Amsterdam, we recommend the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store at the Damrak for a true Amsterdam Experience.

Old Amsterdam Cheese Store

The Old Amsterdam Cheese Store is one of the most famous Dutch cheese brands. It was founded by the Westland family, during the 17th century. To let everyone get familiar with the brand and let them experience the taste; they opened a cheese store in 2013 in the city centre of Amsterdam. As a tourist you can visit this, but also the locals know their way to the cheese store.

Cheese tasting

Do you have zero experience with Dutch cheese? How about a wine- and cheese tasting? At the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store you can follow a cheese tasting daily at 17.00. You have to sign up for the tasting, otherwise it might be full. During the tasting you will try five different cheeses, combined with suiting wines. These wines are suited with the cheese by a true sommelier. A cheese tasting will complete your Amsterdam Experience.

Experience Amsterdam

Do you want to experience Amsterdam like a real Dutchie? Make sure to go everywhere by bike, to visit a few of Holland’s best museums and to have a lovely dinner at one of the many restaurants the city has. Curious about the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store or do you have questions? Make sure to contact them.